“There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.”

– Thich Nhat Hahn

Developing a firm resolve to become a happier person and taking positive steps toward leading a happy life can be a huge turning point in a person’s life. It doesn’t mean that you are then happy all of the time. It does mean that a happy loving state is extremely important to you and that you are willing to learn about and train your mind in the ways of happiness.

HappyBuddha.Guru designs and handcrafts Buddha jewelry and apparel that can powerfully assist you in your journey to train your mind and lead a happier life. We provide visual communications that zip past our brain’s’ ability to object and if we are warmhearted, our state can instantly change to one of happiness and compassion. Like physical training, the more you train the more athletic your response can become.

A HappyBuddha.Guru is a strong and happy person who can skillfully lead others in the way of happiness. HappyBuddha.Guru is a part of your nature. You were born with it and luckily, you can’t even get rid of it. You can, however, forget about it sometimes. We are here to remind you of who you are. YOU are the HappyBuddha.Guru

Go conquer the world with happiness.

Ignacio Lopez

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